Contributing Hope –  A Changemaker in Action

by Jesuit Worldwide Learning


It was a proud moment for JWL and family members when our students in Afghanistan graduated from the Diploma in Liberal Studies programme in March 2018. Among them was Hakima. Hakima was not only looking for higher education opportunities –she was seeking to find “the person hidden within” her and this prompted her to choose the JWL Diploma programme.

“Business is a way of becoming self-reliant, getting in touch with the outside world, creating more job opportunities,”
she says, explaining her choice of concentration. “I chose Business to be part of a change in my own and others’ lives.”

When asked about the most important thing she has learned thus far, Hakima mentioned becoming aware of herself as a social being, along with a growing realisation of social responsibilities, and the need to “step up to do something useful to bring a change in the life of those who are suffering.”


Hakima diligently supports her students at the community learning center she oversees in Afghanistan. Photo: JWL 2018


One of her aspirations is to start a business for illiterate women, who would be provided with basic education and trained as a team to develop a variety of products. As part of furthering their education and working towards enacting their goals, Hakima and some of her fellow graduates recently began a Bachelor of Science in Leadership. At the same time, they will be putting their knowledge and leadership skills into action by coordinating the five new community learning centres which they recently helped to establish in remote areas of the country. Some will even be teaching!

What is her motivation for all this? For Hakima, it is about transferring what she has learned thus far to youth that do not have access to quality education. “It is important for me because I can play my role as a person who is always looking to make a change and contribute hope.”