Asmaa, 21

Dara’a, Syria
In Jordan since 2012
DAFI scholar, BA in Arabic Literature at Zarqa University

When I got here, I went into my last year of high school. But I wasn’t able to keep up. Things were too different, too hard. I dropped out for two years. During that time, I worked in a clothing shop. I finally went back and passed the final examination.

Photo: UNHCR/Antoine Tardy, Jordan, © 2017

I finally got my hopes back up. Thanks to DAFI now, I only study. I don’t have to work anymore. Life has changed for the better. Before I was sad. I was often crying. I had lost hope. Now I feel confident and successful. I am first in my class.

I am the oldest of seven siblings. So I have the responsibility to be a role model for them, to show them that they can be successful. After everything the family has been through, I want to give them all hope. I don’t want to be looked at or labelled as a refugee but as an achiever. I also want to prove that refugees are full of skills and resources. They can contribute a lot.
I will build my own future, my own identity. No one else will do that for me. I will take chances to thrive and won’t wait for chances to come to me. One day, I will go back to Syria and teach there. I will contribute to educate future generations.

Story by UNHCR/Antoine Tardy, Jordan, © 2017