Clarisse, 21

Democratic Republic of the Congo

In Kakuma since October 2015. Enroled in InZone’s 8-week course on Human Rights

“I grew up in the South Kivu Province of DRC but we had to leave to the North Province first, with my parents and my four siblings. Then we had to leave the country because my father was persecuted. He was a Professor of Human Rights.

Photo: © 2017 UNHCR/Antoine Tardy

When we reached the border between DRC and Uganda, we were arrested by soldiers. They killed my father and raped my mother. I ran away and ended up here. I heard that my family went back to DRC. I don’t know anyone here. I live by myself. I had to leave the Congolese quarter because I was being annoyed by boys there. Now I live among Ethiopians. I don’t want to get together with a boy because then I’d have to get married and have kids. All I want to do for the moment is study and make a future for myself.
When I finished my secondary school in Congo, I was prepared by my father to go to university in Nairobi, but I was not able to do so because of the war. When I arrived here, I started to learn English: basic and then advanced. Now it is very good. Then I took a computer course for six months. Now I’m taking this Human Rights course with InZone. Once I’m done with it, I’ll be able to help my community and other people anywhere in the world.

I will apply for scholarships. That’s also why I’ve worked so much on my English. Here in Kenya, my secondary education is not recognised. It’s an issue. My opportunities here are limited. I haven’t been able to go to university yet, although I’ve tried. So I started volunteering as a teacher at Mogadishu Primary School. I am hoping it will eventually help me get into university.
What’s my future going to be like? I really don’t know. All I know is that I must keep studying and take all my chances.”

Story provided by: UNHCR