BHER – Kenya

Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium / April 2017

“I came here when I was 25, I am now 54, I went for
almost 30 years without learning anything new, I
was in a state of mental hibernation. It was as
if I had fallen asleep for eternity. But learning
woke me up. I had been teaching since 1997,
but myself, I wasn’t learning. I wasn’t being
exposed to anything new. At some point I
needed to understand what sort of things
people are engaging in nowadays, what kind of
innovative studies people are now getting into.
“Now, with this degree, I’m trying to explore, to
discover and understand. I have to shape my perception
of things. I’m updating my knowledge. It has been very
interesting for me. It has made me understand how the
world is being driven. I hope to continue my studies,
depending on how I perform. I hope that I shall have the
opportunity to do a Master’s degree.
“I have four children. They are all studying. I don’t want
them to be like me. They must all surpass me in their
“learning. I want them to have more opportunities and
greater liberty to make their own choices.”