Photo: Kiron/2017


Kiron – Germany

Kiron – for me it means hope. I studied in Syria but when
I arrived in Germany I was lost and thought I would have
to restart everything.  When I was searching for advice,
Kiron guided me through the requirements of the German
educational system. I learned that I could obtain recognition
of credits from Syria and even credits from Kiron’s MOOCs
— and I realized that I was able to put together my own
interdisciplinary study path for my future.
Back in 2012, when I was still in Syria, I started studying
with MOOCs. This is why Kiron, with its digital education
platform, was perfect for me as someone who loves digital
learning. I was really happy that, after studying online with
Kiron, I was able to transfer to an offline university in 2017.

I recently finished my first semester at one of Kiron’s partner universities in Berlin. With Kiron’s support, I managed to obtain the recognition of three semesters of credits from my studies at Damascus University in Syria, as well as one semester from online studies at Kiron. In this way, I was able to go straight into the fifth semester. Now I feel that I am finally back on track with my educational path and I am planning to complete my Bachelor studies in 2018. I am glad to have Kiron’s support, even as an alumnus.

Kiron kept me on track, gave me a better vision for the future, and supported me in achieving my goals. But for me, Kiron was more than just studying; it was life-changing in that its strong support provided me with access to high quality education, and thereby strengthened my self confidence. As for the future, I plan on earning my Master’s degree in the field of business and, with Kiron’s support, I know I can do it.